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Subsequent to a pre-school program that was begun in Sakila, two couples caught the vision to provide a Primary School education by means of a sponsorship program. Thus, the Sakila Sponsorship Program was started and, shortly thereafter, Sluys/Anderson Primary School opened. Beginning in January of 2003 with 103 children and adding approximately 80 five and six-year-olds each year the school now has an enrolment of 463 students.

Sluys/Anderson Primary School is one of few schools to have electricity, water, completed classrooms, textbooks, a feeding program, uniforms, medical care, and school supplies provided for each student. All of this is made available through the sponsorship program with no cost to the child's family. The school is supplying vegetables and meat to supplement the children's diet. Each student has a sponsor who sends $30 per month to help with his or her support. Other gifts are often given during the year such as hand-made quilts.

Sponsors and additional supporters have also provided finances for new classrooms, an administration building, a computer lab, goats, chickens, and needed repairs to family homes. The community benefits greatly from the education of the children as well as the jobs that are created because of the school and its needs.

Link: www.sakilasponsorship.org

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