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In 1994, the Center began a new phase in its vision by opening a second school in the nation of The Congo. On September 30, 1998, the Zaire school graduated 16 trained pastors, teachers and evangelists. The Congo Bible school has been very fruitful. It is a direct by-product of the center in Sakila. It is directed by one of our Evangelism Center graduates of the 1992 class. IEC - Congo is currently renting a large facility which houses the Bible school, a church, offices and housing for the teachers. We are paying $500 per month for the rent, but our hope and prayers are to raise enough funds so we can build our own facility in order to expand the ministry. IEC-Congo is also an active and registered church, which oversees hundreds of churches, much like IEC in Tanzania. We ask that you would please pray for this work that God will continue to bless the graduates as they go out and spread the gospel. Pray also that God will provide finances for us to build our own center in the city of Bukavu, Western Congo.

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