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From small beginnings of a clinic on the campus of IEC in 1990, the vision of a full medical facility moved from concept to construction in 2004 with the ground breaking for New Hope International Hospital, a 250 bed facility. Initial drawings were donated by a Salem, Oregon architect, and as funds have become available work has progressed. Two grants, which were received in 2007, enabled further progress in construction with the slab for the main core of the hospital in place and work continuing for the support columns and the second floor.

At its inception, New Hope was to be built by volunteers, but the Tanzania government implemented new restrictions requiring a qualified Tanzanian contractor and engineer to be in charge.

As interest in the project has grown, several volunteers have joined the effort, working to raise funds, gather information, visit the site, and coordinate their efforts toward to completion of New Hope.

Another site: www.nhih.net

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